Es wurden NICHT einfach nur Fehler gemacht: Eine Hymne für GerechtigkeitWatch now (4 min) | Geschrieben von Margaret Anna Alice & Gelesen von Dr. Tess Lawrie
Clear thoughts from 'an old man in a chair' – Dr. Vernon Coleman. Published by Rhoda Wilson at The Exposé on March 18, 2023.
+ Ein Brief von Juden aus der ganzen Welt, der die Instrumentalisierung des Begriffs "Antisemit" zur Diffamierung von Dissidenten verurteilt
Let’s shoot him right into space.. Who could blame him? »We are at war with Russia..« GloboFarxists among themselves, Bali 2022.. Reincarnation of a…
By Dr. Vernon Coleman
Just because many can't see the bad things that are happening on a global scale right now doesn't mean they aren't happening.
The German warmongers are about to go completely insane and don't even realize it. German foreign minister actress Annalena Baerbock in the lead.
Startling facts about the PsyCoV-19 crime revealed by Frances Leader in December 2020, confirmed and supplemented by "a concerned reader" (Mr…
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